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I'm a new media strategist by day, and St. Louis culture vulture by night here in the Gateway City. Was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and I grew up here in the StL. I went away to the University of Pennsylvania, lived in Lyon, France for a little under a year.


But now I'm back. With a vengance.


I'm passionate about St. Louis+Memphis+NewOrleans (Mississippi Coastal Pride!), coworking, StL cohesion, new media/pinko marketing, information architecture, progressive thinkin', Dixieland jazz, community supportin', bar hopping and I love to dance.


Check iamlori.com or my tumblr or twitter for all your Lori needs. There are more ways to check up on me ( for example...my blog, an email, waving*) --- but let's not get silly. :)


*Applicable most days in St. Louis, where the people smile and the waves are plentiful -- but you never know now, do ya? I'll wave at you in meaner cities, too.

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  • JoinedMay 2006
  • Occupationnew media coordinator
  • Hometownslightly Tupelo, MS, but for the most part -- St. Louis, MO
  • Current citySt. Louis
  • CountryUSA
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