Though taken, can be re-taken no problems... call me anytime but not on sat morning while i will be out shooting birds and looking for insects sometimes women as well.

I'm an engineer(reluctant) with the C&I dept at Senoko Power Station. One of the largest power plant in spore. However, my ambition is to be an archaeologist, paleontologist, astronomer, fighter pilot, musician, horologist and most importantly a successful playboy. Engineering was never on my list but somehow I ended as one ! Damn it ! FcuK !! XYZ.... As a matter of fact, I do not really mind the nature of my job. Is the office politics and the fucking ambiguous management policies that really drive me nuts ! Whatever the shit, I've seen it all. At the time of writing, I've only couple of years more to retirement. It's about time for me to start a second career perhaps. A career which absolutely no office politics and the fucking ambiguous management policies attached... just a fairy tale, there's no such thing so long as human beings are involved I knew it. But that's life.....don't worry be happy...

Senoko is located just at the northenmost tip of the island nearest to msia, our closest geographical neighbour.

I choose the word lonesomecrow as a link to my flickr pics.

It is one of the earlier soundtrack from my fav scorpion's album. I love them.

I love listening to Michael Schenker licks.

I played lead guitar in a group called Lipstick traces/next destination....that was a long long time ago.

My favorite guitar is the Fender Stratocaster. I love the sound produced by the pick-ups. I used to own one, a big head stock 70's series...Jimmy Hendrix era. (serial number S946985) Bought in 1984 sold in 1996

Every photograph in my photostream has a history and story on.

Hope whoever come across my photostream would enjoy them as much as i photographing and documenting them

Note : I bought my second Fender Stratocaster in sept 2013. An American Special with Texas pickup. Alder sunburst body with maple. It's a great companion (serial number US12077214)

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