Scruffy witless oik with no redeeming features. Once grubbed a living from working around the UK and lives on the south coast as pictures will show. Has a fascination for mechanical things especially if they glitter or go bang. Not what he appears on the surface, has hidden shallows.


Halted in his tracks by a heart attack he managed to get a quintuple bypass entirely free on the good old NHS. Forced to exercise he acquired a dog and renewed his artistic licence and wanders, ancient mariner like, around the shores of Hayling Island - a mythical place some four miles east of and forty-odd years behind Portsmouth.


Since retirement he has continued to drive unsuitable vehicles and relives the glory days of his aerial photography but is now staying earthside and allowing poor suffering drones to do all the work

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  • JoinedSeptember 2006
  • OccupationDrain on the economy
  • Current cityHayling Island
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
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