I love my digital camera, sharing photos and blogging. Please feel free to use my photos in accordance to the CC license attached. I love sharing (non commercially). Please do NOT contact me for larger images or help with photos unless you plan on paying me. I am very busy and a lot of people use my photos, which is great, but I just can't offer support for free! Anyway, I shoot digitally for fun and usually share my biggest photo sizes.


My camera is Panasonic FZ5 - I read about it on the Cool Tools blog and when my ancient 2.1 MP Sony Cybershot crapped out while taking photos of my friends butts in the rain on New Years day '06.


If you want to cyber-stalk me, it's not much of a challenge. I'm everywhere,

my web dev blog, LinkedIn, twitter @mahalie .


Look at a bunch of my photos at once using the cool flickr Leech search engine (gives you tons of thumbnails instead of paging, much faster!).

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  • Occupationweb dev
  • Hometowntexas born, mountain bred (colorado), corn fed (iowa)
  • Current cityseattle
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