Thank you to those who have connected with me via Flickr over the last couple of years. I will be culling my Flickr account as I am not in agreement with the new changes being implemented. For me monetisation of a product is a kill switch for creativity and as my 20k of photos didn't use a fraction of my free 1TB (0.04% if I remember correctly). Now that I've culled it to nearly the limit it is 0.0% so I now see that the free account is for basically nothing but I'm still not inclined to buy a PRO account.


I think I might go explore other free platforms. But assuming they don't charge for looking I will be sure to come and see the work of the wonderful people I have connected with here.


Thank you! For the over - a million views, 44K faves and 5K comments in the last year (2017). I hadn't realised how much you've all interacted with me over the last year till I decided to add up some numbers. (wow my statistics numbers took a hit and are totally down now that I culled my collection.)


My photographs are copyright, and I reserve all rights.

Please ask permission if you would like to use any of my photos found in the Photostream or Albums.

Check the individual copyright of any of the people I follow for their copyright status ie Photos in Faves, Galleries and Groups.


You can request a better quality image just message me advising what you want to use the photo for.


Images for sale

I've made some of my images available for sale on a number of items (phone covers, cups, clothing, stationary, home furnishings) they can be purchased via just search for 'margaretsphotos' and look for my rainbow lorikeet.


If the image you'd like to have isn't available on a product you want let me know and I'll see what I can do.


About me


I've been interested in photography since my childhood and my earliest memories are taking photos with my fathers old Kodak camera which was quite a good quality SLR.


I've never been too into the technical aspects of photography even though I did do some black and white photography including developing and printing from negatives when at school. I recently completed a short photography course but I'm still not into the technical side of things.


I consider my photography to be totally just snap & check to see if it can be cropped or processed to make it a better shot.


So far I've been able to produce some interesting shots and am happy to showcase some of them here for you. If I can avoid it I don't use flash photography and most of my photos are taken on the move or of moving objects. I use whatever camera I have on hand at the time mostly my phone these days. Most of my shots are a test of how steady I can be to get a clear shot which is why I prefer my heavier DSLR.


Love flickr so many fantastic photographers of all levels. Thank you all for contributing your inspiring shots.


Check out my galleries for some of my favourite explored and fantastic finds or just check my favourites feed as I haven't always been putting them in the galleries.


Thank you to those that follow my photo stream, favourite my photos and make comment. I try to check all comments and acknowledge them to thank you for your time if I miss any please accept my apologies.


I also try to explore and follow all your streams but it depends on your subject matter and volume so if you follow me and I don't follow you don't be offended.




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H PF says:

Dear Margaret, this is a very fantastic photostream. I like how you see subjects and are playing with forms and colours. Well done!

September 19, 2017