25 year chap who recently earned his PhD trying to make his way into the murky, uncertain world of vertebrate palaeontology. Enjoys drawing pictures of long dead animals and then writing about them, although he should really be doing something more worthwhile like earning some money/doing some work/getting a life. Turns out that all three are considerably harder than advertised.




Well, shucks: looks like I've just gone and got some silverware. Thanks to Earth, Wind and Water, I'm the proud owner of a meaty Arte y Pico award:



Oh, you pretty thing.

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Good old Mark.

September 18, 2007

His similarity with Harrison ford has been stated on a whole one occasion (see hat).

April 13, 2007
Ruddy Reward (deleted)

Mark Witton is one of the world's most fantastic people. Intelligent, whitty, charming and dashingly handsome, he is a skilled artist,. erudite scientist and quite the ladies' man. He lives in a small flat with a big man who studies the rotting behaviour of mackerel. He is kind to sick animals and loves children.

October 20, 2006