White Balding Male.

Graphic Designer for a corrugated container company



The more I take photos the more I feel like I'm showing people fragments of the way I see things. I suppose my style is "I don't have a style".

Composition is most important to me, then I try to either work with the light I have or figure out how a shot can be exposed or lit. Color can be manipulated later, but if I can compose with color in the camera I'd prefer that.


I've been shooting with:


Homemade 4x5 ultrawide pinhole camera

Toyo 45D 4x5 Large Format

Olympus OM10 35mm

Mamiya 645 Pro

Sony T1 pocket camera

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  • JoinedSeptember 2004
  • OccupationGraphic Designer
  • HometownYakima, WA
  • CountryUnited States
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Jill says:

As it turns out, the stories of Marshed the Axe Murderer are not true. The ones about the baby-eating are true. If nothing else, he has excellent taste in cheeses. A+++++ to the eleventieth power!!11!!111!!!

October 23, 2005