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i am a graphic designer, artist, photographer by day (and night). music lover, dj/producer (from techno to dubstep + random left-field stuff). i (obsessively?) collect stuff i find while walking the streets and alleys of chicago.


my first interest in photography was through my wife Toyacoyah. i began using one of her canon 35mm SLR cameras in 2004 and immediately fell in love with photography. i taught myself the basics through trial and error, and will always remember the excitement of developing those first few rolls of film.


i've been obsessed ever since. i especially enjoy the artistic outlet of photography, from urban abstracts to architecture to nature... multiple exposures, cross-processing and other experiments are fun as well. i am also fascinated by street art of all types and do my best to document (and occasionally contribute to) the ever-changing urban landscape. my main inspiration to take pictures however comes after dark. there's something exhilirating about standing alone on top of a parking garage or wandering through alleys at 4am with a camera, tripod (sometimes) and a fitting soundtrack in the headphones.


main cameras at the moment are a canon digital rebel xt and fuji finepix z20fd. i still shoot film whenever possible, with the canon rebel i learned on, along with a holga, polaroid and a fun little plastic toy cam (none of which are used nearly enough!).


i also keep a phone blog of various shots taken on my samsung blackjack.


for post-processing (mostly some minor cropping and color correction) i use and highly recommend adobe lightroom.


thanks for checking out my photos. i hope you enjoy. for licensing information or to contact me directly, please use: merrickb [@] gmail [.] com


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  • JoinedOctober 2005
  • Occupationgraphic designer, dj, artist, photographer
  • Hometownouter space
  • Current citychicago
  • Countryusa
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Easily one of the most creative and eccentric people I've ever met. Dope dj, designer, artist, producer and fun having enthusiast. Two thumbs and one ear lobe up for MB.

July 3, 2008

Merrick is a terrific designer and extremely multi-talented individual. He always seems to be playing around with his camera (and his wife's!), which ends up producing amazing photos. I can't testify about his kissing skills.

September 23, 2006
toyacoyah says:

Merrick has finally utilized the camera to supplement his graphic design skills. Just check out his photos and you'll see why this guy gets paid the big bucks! He's also a great kisser.

August 22, 2006
Carl Webb says:

Mysterious Merrick!

February 15, 2006