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I work as an educational software and media specialist in Mesa Community College's Center for Teaching and Learning. I'm also a hobbyist musician and music producer when I have the time. I'm just learning photography on the side, so most of my shots aren't planned and I'm always experimenting. On some rare occasions I get lucky:


Sister and Brother


Someday I'll own a better camera, but I'm content with what I have for now.


I also have just discovered a venue to share my music and videography hobbies: http://vimeo.com/midiman/videos


Rules for posting comments:

All comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. You may comment on my

photographs, but my personal views are my own and while I'm passionate about them, I also realize that they might not be yours. I actually do respect your opinions, but if you wish to disagree with mine, please do so by messaging me–not by posting your disagreements in photo comments. If you post a comment and have objectionable content on your photostream, I may elect to block you. Coarse language in comments will not be tolerated.

Rules for using my photographs:

Just adhere to the license applied to the photograph. In some occasions I'll just let one or two out in the wild and won't care where it came from. Otherwise, please ask. In most cases I'll gladly grant permission. I'm honored when people who like something that I've captured do the right thing and ask permission to use it somewhere :-)

Happy Photo-sharing :-)

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