I do this blog thing : layersuponlayas.com/

Sometimes, i do a pic thing too

All the time, i do a thing called 'having fun'


If you need to contact me in SL, you can find me on Mrs Sassypants.

Now and Then

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Photos of ϊτʂɑ ʍҿ .. ʍɑʀϊɑ !


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ѕσηιc says:

Fantastic artist with captures filled with beautiful scenes, gorgeous style, and strong connections. Keep working your magic!

May 22, 2021

Brilliant collection created by an exceptional talent. The images here really need to be viewed and admired !

April 13, 2021

Maria's art and photography are simply exquisite! From the way she captures scenes - one can truly see her inner beauty shine through. She takes photos with such depth and skill, it is incredible! She weaves through sweet to sexy in an effortless way and it is truly a real feast for anyone's eyes!

February 27, 2021

Amazing beautiful and always consistent in her great photography and work. I admire you and always look up to your lovely work and the great words of encouragement you give always ♥

March 7, 2020

my darling layasissiebestie

February 4, 2010