When I was getting ready for a trip to Australia in 2004, I decided that it would be an excellent idea to jump into digital photography. Before that time I did only a few shots once in a while with a simple point-and-shoot camera. It was always boring for me to finish the film roll and to wait for the development of the pictures.


My first digital camera, the Kodak DX6490 Zoom, opened a whole new world for me. Suddenly it was possible to have an instant look at the pictures and to redo the shoot. Therefore the learning curve with digital photography is much better and I like quick learning.


Almost half a year later, I got the idea of taking animal portraits. However, after a day at the zoo, I had to realize that my old camera wasn't fast enough for good animal pictures. A few days later, I bought the Canon 350D and gave the old camera to my sister.


Sine then I've already scratched my first zoom lens and have started to experiment with a macro lens. My next lens will probably be a new zoom lens with an image stabilizer.


Besides animals, I like to shoot architecture and plants and other interesting things. Mostly, I'm patient enough to wait until all people disturbing my motive have disappeared. And sometimes I even try to estimate the best light conditions and come back a few hours later.

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