Londoner with obsession for lettering, shop fronts, colour, pop culture and anything that's usually overlooked. There is no unique style as such; I like abstracts and people and landscapes and toys and books and all sorts of things with equal admiration.


My pictures are no longer available under a Creative Commons licence, since people were just taking them and not giving me any credit at all, but this doesn't mean I won't let you use them if you ask me. Just get in touch and we can negotiate something.

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mondoagogo has a way with a camera; we'll often go to the same event and a few days later her photos on Flickr will just have more personality, a more novel angle, and show things I didn't even notice at the time. It's worth keeping an eye on her choice of favourites, too.

April 25, 2009

i really like mondoagogo's photos ! They're usually quite quite interesting !

January 6, 2007