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Not much to say about me...I just enjoy taking pictures. I'm not a professional, but I'll do what I can with my cameras. I was in Paris for a while, and Flickr was originally for my family back home to see what I was up to and see what I was seeing. Everyone can enjoy them too, now.


**I apologise if photos have tags associated that don't apply, the pictures in my first albums were batch-uploaded with tags and never cleaned up. It's an ongoing process.**


Past cameras:

-Canon PowerShot A80 (8/04-12/05)

-Canon PowerShot A620 (12/05-11/09) -had two in succession

-Fuji Finepix Z10 (12/07-6/08)

-Canon PowerShot SD750 (borrowed throughout 2009)

-Canon PowerShot SX200 IS (11/09-5/10)

-Panasonic Lumix ZS-7 (5/10-4/11)

-Canon PowerShot SX230HS (4/11-4/13)

-Nikon D3100 (8/10-today)

-Sony NEX-F3K (4/13-today)



-Creative Commons ("CC") licenses are based on copyright law. Basically, copyright law applies. A CC license establishes standing permissions, and those terms must be abided by.


There are four notes about most of my pictures:

-Attribution is required. That means you must credit me as Bobby Hidy.

-You may edit my photo as needed (cropping, colouring, etc).

-My pictures must be shared with the same license.

-My pictures MAY be used commercially, provided the first two conditions are met.



From the Creative Commons website:

"All CC licenses are non-exclusive -- creators and owners can enter into additional, different licensing arrangements for the same work at any time, a practice known as dual-licensing. Note, however, that once granted, CC licenses are not revocable in the absence of a breach, and even then the license is terminated only as to the particular licensee."


If you wish to use a photo in a way that would not allow it to be "sharealike", you must contact me. If you have any questions about using my photos, feel free to contact me.


Regardless, if you use a photo, just drop me a line and let me know!

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