I am a flickr addict and a Plone addict aswell.


my blog/podcast/videoblog: my Blog


my company (Plone, Python and Second Life): COM.lounge


Plone & Python Video Blog: COM.lounge TV


Moreover I am active in Second Life as Tao Takashi.


My Second Life photos: http://flickr.com/photos/taotakashi.


Projects I am active in right now:




DataPortability Project


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  • JoinedApril 2005
  • OccupationProgrammer, Metaverse Consultant, Machinima creator, Video Blogger, DJ
  • Current cityAachen
  • CountryGermany
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f8125 says:

MrTopf's flickr images have a dark and magical beauty about them. I love the unusual, almost fluorescent colours he plays with, the high contrast look and inventive subject matter which pierce the imagination.

October 13, 2005