I like taking a lot of pictures (in the 10.000 30.000 / year range). I'm somewhat bored when I have to sort them, and I more or less loathe to do the photoshop-thing.


For those of you using my CC-BY licensed work elsewhere, please leave a link to my photostream (and send a little fame my way).


On a wannabe-professional level, I've had photos in the University of Copenhagen Newspaper, Universitetsavisen (see 2. May 2008, pp. 14-15) and the Danish Technical University Newspaper, Krydsfelt (29th edition, pp. 16). Information carried a portrait I shot in a post-stamp sized format one day, and Berlingske Tidende had the same portrait i a Sunday edition (I haven't seen it, so not 100% sure it was there...)

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