Welcome to the official Flickr page of animal actors and YouTube stars Nana the Border Collie, Kaiser the Bengal cat, Zed the coatimundi, Shorty & Stumpy the Opossums, Horatio the hedgehog, and my zany mischief of talented rats!


Here, you can stay up to date with our latest adventures through the photos of my wonderful animals:



Nana: Border Collie


Kaiser: Bengal Cat


Zed: White-Nosed Coati


Shorty: Brazilian Short-Tailed Opossum


Stumpy: Brazilian Short-Tailed Opossum


Horatio: African Pygmy Hedgehog


Famous: Pink-Eyed Himalayan Top-Eared Rat


London: Norway Rat


Britain: Norway Rat


Mortimer: Black Self Dumbo Rat


Cash: Black Self Dumbo Rat


Saoirse: Fawn Double Rex Top-Eared Rat


Arrow: Chocolate Agouti Berkshire Top-Eared Rat


Suki (RIP): Brown Agouti Berkshire Dumbo Rat


Raven (RIP): Black Variegated Berkshire Dumbo Rat


Shadow (RIP): Black Mismarked Irish Top-Eared Rat


Paris (RIP): Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo Rat


Sebastian (RIP): Chocolate Sable Whippet Ferret


Viggo (RIP): Sable Whippet Ferret




Do not use any of my photos without written permission from me.




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