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Just so y'all know, all photos have a Creative Commons licence, and all photos are posted without commercial purpose (had they were commercially sold, then why would they be at flickr? Unless they're for someone I specify it to be for their or my commercial purpose. Other than that, I don't want to get into sh*t posting someone's candid photo and having it seen in a commercial nature, ie. newspapers, without my permission). If I find my work seen in something done commercially, I will sue you. But if you're using it for your blog, just put my name on it. My work is mine and stealing it is wrong. Very wrong.


Also, I do shoot candids, and if somehow somewhere you see yourself on my photostream and you're not comfortable with the idea that I've captured you without you knowing (and without permission, of course candids are candids) and you do not want a photo of you posted on the intarweb, I am more than happy to remove the photo from my flickr page - just drop me a line by sending a flickrmail. :)


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