I live in Buenos Aires, and have a love affair with fabrics......like.very.much.obsessed.

Love almost everything handmade. Love to wonder what's about the author, what was he thinking/going through while in the makes, what were his feelings then.....

Love to bits all things vintage, fabrics mainly.

Love Zakka and natural LINEN. If I could, I would make EVERYTHING with linen.....even my undies. Love to combine it with vintage/modern prints. Love everything Linen/cotton blend as well. Love its texture!

Though this love of mine, I find it's VERY hard to find time to play with my lovies, being that I'm a divorced mum to 3, life always gets on our way.

For a whole picture of me, have a look at my favs. I found SO MUCH TALENT here.


Dislikes: Glitter, Traditional japanese prints (like kimono ones, sorry Japan, nothing personal here! ;) , Disney characters or the like, camo, batik, religious, etc




Heather Ross : almost anything from her.

Mendocino brown range, little sisters in aqua.

FFA unicorns, purple, peach and orange (willing to get 0.5yd cuts at least)

Princess and pea, all colors


Good Folks, Cathedral Dusk, Social Climber in teal ( original collection)


Almost Any KF or SK's fabrics.


Vintage cotton/linen, kitchen themed, gardening, try me.


For Swap:


Girl friday blender prints, both (checked and lined one)

Almost every Mendo ( except the brown range, which I'm looking for) , pls try me,a s I don't quite remember how much each I still have in stash.)

Good Folks, *only Cathedral & Festival* ( which I love), all colors except for Cathedarl Dusk, which is on my ISO list above.

Some of the Farmdale Grey Blossoms, now HTF

Some very beautiful vintage scraps, as I'm just starting my obsession collection ;)

Kona White

Kona, many other colors (ask me)

Lots and lots of shabby -chic roses in almost every color and size, as this was my first victorian-romantic style when began my passion for sewing.


So far, have had successful swaps with:


Elnora ( flickr.com/photos/elnorachambers)

Chase (flickr.com/photos/chase_un_folded)

Irene (www.flickr.com/people/35495716@N00/)

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