"As for a picture, if it isn't worth a thousand words, the hell with it." -- Ad Reinhardt


Unhindered by Talent. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr


Like some of my work? Want to use it in a project? My CreativeCommons licensing generally makes that possible (but check the details) and I love having my photographs used. Gear and maintenance costs, though, and it would be great if you'd be willing to leave a few bucks in the jar on the way by. Go here to donate via PayPal - thanks!

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Feel free to contact me through Flickr's internal mail system. If you're not a Flickr person, my GMail address is "nic.mcphee".


Some of my more "interesting" photos.


Quite a while back I wrote an overly long and rambling photographic bio over in the Authors interview group. It probably should be updated some, but the historical stuff is still all accurate.


I'm selling some of my Flickr photos over on ImageKind. Feel free to have a look, and definitely let me know if there's something in my Flickr stream that you'd like to see for sale there.


If you're really bored you can read my blog.

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His title is a misnomer, Nic is talented. Don't let him fool you. Photographer, educator, accordian music lover, and all around good guy with an eye for the human element and quirky nature of things. (CoryQ)

December 1, 2006