At Old Growth Riverwood, we reclaim lost pieces of history and transform them into unique and beautiful wood products for your home or business.


We process logs that we recover from the Cape Fear River as well as reclaimed beams from historic structures from the surrounding area. Bringing history into your home, we transform this one-of-a-kind raw wood material into gorgeous flooring, counter tops, molding, mantles, furniture and much more.


Old Growth Riverwood is committed to encouraging the use of environmentally responsible building and wood materials.


No living timber is used since we recover only previously felled logs. We bring history into your home and at the same time preserve the future of our living forests. We also make every effort to use all the wood scraps and wood chip byproducts that are left as part of the reclaiming process.


Our wood is not only known for its historical and esthetic value, but also as an environmentally friendly alternative to newly processed logs. Recycling these ancient logs and historical lumber reduces the cutting down of living forests. In addition, using reclaimed wood from demolished structures helps diminish landfill waste.


Contact Numbers:

910.599.7333 Local Sales Office

877.653.4763 Toll Free

910.762.4077 Fax

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