I like my life to be memorable. Whether I'll remember it 20 years later, no matter how great, is another matter. But I figured it out…


We got these things now that capture impressions of lightwaves and store them as digital data, whereupon they may be perfectly and infinitely copied, and they're pretty neat. I pull mine out when I feel a need and hope for the best. Then I can remember, with this miraculous prosthetic memory, y'see? Sure, some shots are staged. That can be fun. But by and large this Flickr is just a gloriously vast, unruly, and cherished collection of what I've done and where I've been.


Most of my photos carry a Creative Commons Attribution license. That means if you want to use them just stick my name somewhere nearby, and you should be fine. I appreciate being asked if you're going to use some in non-online work, as otherwise I might never know about it. But always, anywhere, it's nice to know someone else is making use of them. Encourages me to keep titling and tagging and geolocating them each and every one.


Stick around. See what this looks like in 20 years.


I'm Male and I'm fine thanks.

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