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For the past 8 years, I've primarily used photoshop and fireworks to design school fliers, invitations, and webpages.


After a trip back home to the Philippines, as well as stomping through Hong Kong and Macau, I realized, "wow, there are so many memorable photo opportunities"...more than just a group photo or a cheesy sibling shot. So, with my nifty Canon PowerShot SD770 IS (yes, I had to actually LOOK at my camera to figure out what kind it is), I started snapping away at anything I found interesting.


2010 marks the start of my new journey into appreciating the photography world, and I hope to capture many sights throughout the year.




January 20, 2010...my very first dslr was delivered; and it's been LOVE ever since! I enjoy learning more about photography, and to make sure I learn on a regular basis, I've committed to my first (of I hope, of many) 365days project ...*yikes*...


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