Winnie Cooper is my hero.


I wish I could be paid to take food photos.


LIKES: Christian Lander,, french fries, sushi, dim sum, frozen peaches and blueberries, Ben & Jerry's Phish Food frozen yogurt, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Wonder Years, cuteness, nyanko, Japan, Japanese things, SUSHI, Hide sushi, scallops, Coach boots, mary janes, collegiate style, Seattle, London, minis, photos, Cbus!, Ohio State, Ohio style pizza, mis chicas, linebackers, London, hobnobs, kaiten sushi, waffles, pancakes, detail, fur rugs, our bed, Frank, Dex and Murphy, pop music, pop rock, Girls Aloud, Brit pop, Anthropologie, Julieanne Moore's coloring, Elle, Lost in Translation, Back to the Beach, scratch and sniff, Marshall, Coffee Crisp---erable!, cookbooks with pictures, our Waring Pro, Flickr, GoFugYourself, being critical of others (and myself), Pie n Burger, In n Out, Thurman Cafe, Hillbilly Hot Dogs, egg press cards, fancy wrapping paper, baking, baking with friends, eating baked goods, soft lighting, Harrod's Food Halls, sunshine, snow, Christmas, Christmas bush (and tree), Christmas music, fall, college football, Kirk, blue, jeans, rainbow flip flops, Laguna Beach (seasons 1 & 2 only), Colbert Report, Food Network, shows about property, Athens, GA, beer in a boot, Nikon D40x, Air Canada first class, first world countries, G8, pupusas,Taco Bell, and;


DISLIKES: gross people, people with bad taste, horrible fashion, humidity (this may be my biggest dislike), messes, lack of organization, dilly dallying, leaving the cabinets open, dirty dishes, loud neighbors, neighbors who double park, stupid favors, neediness, slow walkers in Target, Anthropologie's shipping costs, coworkers that don't respect your quiet space, fighting traffic, L.A. traffic, traffic on the 101, random traffic, fixing a perfectly good car, spending money on my car, driving my car, driving other people's cars, being peer pressured into drinking, hangovers, DILL pickles and many, many, many more things. Depends on my mood.

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  • JoinedJuly 2006
  • Occupationadvertising stuff
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  • Current cityLos Angeles, CA
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