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Here's a poem from Odysseas Elytis, which represents how I like to see life:


"Οτι αγαπώ γεννιέται αδιάκοπα, ότι αγαπώ βρίσκεται στην αρχή του πάντα"


...which essentially means:


"whatever I love is constantly born, whatever I love is always in its beginning"


Photography is helping me focus on the beautiful side of life! I try to find beauty in degradation, to find feelings in indifference .... I try to believe in the beauty of life even at the most difficult times...


Chosen as "photographer of the week 3-9/5/08 by the Greek group "Platia"


για την εβδομάδα 3-9/5/2008


See all my pictures in batches of 200 in one page by clicking HERE or check out my pictures that have been in EXPLORE by clicking HERE


52 of my pictures have been in flickr's EXPLORE

52 of my pics in flickr's EXPLORE


P.S. I initiated and co-administer a very active group in flickr whose main objective is to be the meeting point of all Greek photographers, a goal that it has reached beyond any expectation... Worth visiting if you understand Greek...


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  • JoinedMay 2006
  • OccupationAdvertising Executive - Communication Strategist / Planner
  • HometownAthens, Greece
  • Current cityHalandri
  • CountryGreece


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You need to look at his portraits, landscapes and details. He will take you far away and close to beauty. xo Lulu

January 13, 2008

Greekadmans selection of work keeps getting better and better. Through highly experimental photography, he guides us through his own personal world and surroundings. Excellent work !

September 16, 2007

Dimitris' work reflects his hopes, dreams, inspiration and love through his young children. It is a refreshing outlook on daily life and the world at large. It is always a pleasure to view his latest installments. A devoted family man who is not afraid to show his true love of life and family. Great work.

January 29, 2007