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A resident of a small town outside of Ellensburg, WA, I am a grandmother with a thing for writing and taking pictures. I was born in Texas but I have lived in N.J., Colorado, California, and briefly in Tachikawa, Japan. With my dogs as my primary social group, I enjoy communicating with people from all over the globe, as well as looking at the huge variety of images posted on Flickr. Strictly an amateur photographer with amateur equipment, I get a lot of learning out of viewing the work of the more accomplished photographers on Flickr. Most of the time I shoot alone, partly because I really get uncomfortable with better photographers observing my clumsy attempts and less than optimal equipment. I make it a policy not to apologize for poverty or age. I have earned them and I have apologized too much in the past!


I love sharing photos and banter with my friends on Flickr! Be advised, though, that all of my posted images remain my copyrighted property. If I see no information in your profile, no photos to view from you, and not even a customized buddy icon, I will not hesitate before I block you. If there is no visible explanation or justification of your presence on Flickr, I am not interested in your views of or comments on my pictures!


I find it quite sad that statements like this and blocking of access should ever be necessary on Flickr!

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  • JoinedJune 2007
  • OccupationRetired (Finally escaped from Texas prisons)
  • HometownBorn in Houston, TX
  • Current cityEllensburg, Washington
  • CountryUSA
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