i used to not care about people friend'ing me if they have porn in their stream, but i've reached my limit. i'm just not into it, so...


if you have pictures or videos or appear to be into porn, nudism, couples, bondage, feet, sagging anything, any type of excretion from the human body, self play, blowjobs (giving or getting), people who do not have pro accounts or do not give their real name, eating a body part, are just plain weird, or thongs, i will block you.


if you do not have anything available to me unless i add you as a contact, are a member of a group with the words "my wife", "whore", "hole", "boners", etc., i will also block you.


if you have added me as a contact and i see your stream is more naked than the myriad of infinite other things to shoot, i will block you.


i do not care if you are a burner or not.


thanks for thinking of me but no.thank.you.

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