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Feel free to tag my photos, especially if you know the people in the photos.


I live and work in California.


If you are a relative looking for my selection of old family photos check out my Old Family Photos set for the really old family photos or any of the the other sets in the Family Collection, ND June 2007 collection (Jamie's wedding) or the ND August 2007 collection (Ross' wedding)


If you are a family member or friend, there are many more photos with restricted viewing. Once you've set up a free account send me a message and I'll add you so you can view them. I had to change the permissions because many of the photos of the children were receiving view numbers that were suspicious.


Any subject of my photos are free to download copies of said photos free of charge for personal, non-commercial use, however I retain full copyright on any of those photos shot by myself. If you'd like me to remove any photo please send me an email or message with a link to the photo you want removed and I'll remove it from public view.


I’ve been taking pictures with point and shoot cameras from a young age; I started with a little Kodak 110 that I used for many years until I upgraded to a Canon Sure Shot Ace Date in 1990. I took thousands of pictures with my cannon and finally swapped it out for a Nikon Coolpix 990 (passed along to Wayne) in 2001 when the Canon started its death throes. I upgraded to a used Nikon Coolpix 5700 (passed along to Dillon) in 2004, a Nikon D70s (passed along to Jer) in July 2006 a Nikon D200 in January 2007 and finally to a Nikon D300. I also have anOlympus Stylus 720 SW as my light point and shoot for times when lunking around my huge DSLR is unpractical, not to mention it's waterproof and shockproof so letting other peoples kids play around with it isn't so dangerous. I don't see any major camera purchases in the near future as I became a home owner in 2008 and extra money gets gobbled up by the hungry house.


Needless to say I loved the whole digital camera thing from the get go, being able to check my shots helped me take much better shots, although I’ve still got a long, long ways to go to reach the skill of many Flickr users.


Photos for me really are captured memories, while I may normally have a hard time remembering events or people in conversation, I can pull reams of (mostly useless) information from memory if I have just one of my pictures from that time or place.


My personal photos of non human subjects are under Creative Commons license Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike. All of my photos of human subjects I retain full copyright. Photo's I've scanned or uploaded by others of course retain copyright by their respective creators.


PS: I don't shoot, or perform weddings. Anymore.


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Hey just thought I would say this is a great guy, takes some awesome pics. Also a great "little Bro also"...

February 5, 2006