Hi, my name is Philipp Zieger. I live in Germany and I studied pedagogy and education. A part of my work is to start every day with Love, Positive Relationship and Creativity. Being able to study different, daily situations and changing my point of view are fundamental in my job.

In the course of time I discovered photography and I fall in love with it. For me, it is a way, to relax and being directly in contact with my subject. It helps me to relax and to recover and often I get new ideas for my personal life and my job when I'm outside.


I searched for a long time to find the right tool, the right camera for me and in 2013 I found the Sony NEX-6. Since then I'm in the E-Mount System. In 2014 I bought the brand-new Sony a6000 and in the meantime I've bought 4 different E-Mount-Lenses from Sony. The advantage of this system for is, like for most other people, the great Image-Quality and the compact size.


Now, I'm living in Pirna, a small town in East-Germany, a stone's throw from Dresden and the Saxony-Switzerland.

Photography became a journey for me and a way, to get outside, explore common and new locations and feeling the energy of the nature.


So, enjoy my Photostream and when you want, contact me.


Cheers, Philipp

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  • JoinedJune 2013
  • OccupationWaldorferzieher
  • HometownDresden
  • Current cityPirna
  • CountryDeutschland
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Ich kann die wunderschönen und stimmungsvollen Bilder von Philipp aufs wärmste empfehlen! Sie sind eine Bereicherung für Herz und Seele...

October 21, 2013