I am a Philosophy graduate and I discovered the art of photography many years ago, I remember the first contact with the photography…… I was visiting Florence and I met in the city downtown the Exhibition of Herbert List (German Photographer) and i fell in love for the “Click” that stop the time. Eureka!!!!! I understood what will be my job and passion.I’m a lucky guy to have the opportunity to do my passion and I can call it job. During my career I have won awards with the best wedding photography associations in the world. I’m very happy about that, I spent a lot of energy to be a professional destination wedding photographer and now I’m living my dream. I have the privilege to live in the Paradise and to capture with my camera the most important day in the lives of people. I’m so grateful to the universe to give me this gift.I’m a story teller and my goal is to fix forever in the images emotions, feelings and moments. I feel myself as a writer where every story is a chapter of universal book called love.I’m member of the best wedding photography association in the world.

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