♡☆♥ I run a store called Cake Fox.


Blog: pieni.art

I blog my products, take pictures at events, feature sims and things I like, and post about fashion, both for dinkie and regular avatars.


I can not promise to blog anything sent to me. I am unable to hold schedules due to rl health stuff. I am very happy to post what works with my vision for each outfit. Absolutely no offense meant, if I forget your item. Send to Pieni inworld.


Used to own Galleria Kakku and organize an event called Rainbow Tinies, but you can join our Discord group for chats, still.


I tend to keep my log and social medias pretty pg, or moderate. So if I don't follow back, that is likely why. No offense ♡


I blog a lot of Lycia Quintessa's work, because she is my favorite dinkie designer and a close friend. Dinkie Boutique is in Petite Village, my blog has the address in several spots.


♡ for the ☆s!

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