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pierre pouliquin. Get yours at


Thanks for your visit, your comments and advice are very welcome; but please don't take offence if I don't answer, since a while I don't spend much time on flickr.


Many photos, but organised by sets and with tags, for easier exploration. You could also take a tour for a Random visit.


Pictures for commercial purpose? Contact me so that we make an agreement BEFORE any use (use on a web site with pay adds is commercial use; as so called educational material used to make money). I'll not agree for any use lacking respect for the people pictured-don't ask.


Most of my public photos have a Creative Common LIcence , you are welcome to use them for respectful and strictly non commercial purpose (ideally keeping a link and acknowledging credit); if so, I'd appreciate to be informed, thanks.


I've initiated: People of the Great Rivers. Get yours at


Et....comment dit on fouchtra par chez vous? Fouchtra. Get yours at


Some of my favourite flickr addresses :


Tatiana Tatiana Cardeal. Get yours at

Arddu Arddu. Get yours at

Hugo* Hugo*. Get yours at

carf. Get yours at

BluesroseBluesrose. Get yours at

Memo Lebrasseur. Get yours at

Eric Lafforgue Eric Lafforgue. Get yours at

Omnia omnia. Get yours at


And the creativity of JEF Safi, see his hyperpoem machine In-betweenjef safi. Get yours at


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  • HometownMercuer Ardeche France
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Bisse says:

Pierre was one of my first contacts on flickr...and quickly grew into a treasured one. He's let me "visit" places in the world I've only seen the typical "tourist shots" of before. Pierre finds the beauty of the "ordinary," with a lovely sense of respect and wonder. I've learned much - thanks, Pierre!

May 17, 2007
*omnia* says:

Pierre has been to a lot of really cool places and taken many pics for our viewing pleasure :) Thanks Pierre for all your hard work - it also looks like you had some fun doing it!

March 16, 2006