Since PINGNews began, the photos and videos curated or created on PINGNews flickr albums have received more than 14 million views. Multimedia resources -- photos, video, music samples -- researched or created by PINGNews have been used by a variety of sites, bloggers, and news organizations around the world, including: CBC-TV Factual Entertainment, Radio Nederland, Wired, NPR's On the Media, Schmap Guides, 43 Places, NowPublic, Open Source with Christopher Lydon, afromix, The Atlantic Online, AOL Video, The New jersey Jewish Standard, Mother Jones, The City Paper (Washington, D.C.), Vriginia Foundation for the Humanitiesand The Spoken Word , Glasgow Caledonian University and Harvard Political Review


An Important Note about Rights for Government/Public Domain Collections : These images come from government agencies and are believed to be available for free public use. Most should be in the public domain. The images posted from the Library of Congress, for instance, should have “No Known Restrictions.” But some agencies do request or require specific attribution. To avoid problems: 1) read the individual image description; 2) consult with the government source; 3) Attribute the image to the agency and the creator of the image; 4) contact pingnews with questions; 5) consult Creative Commons or other organizations in this arena; 5) do NOT attribute these images to pingnews.


User Responsibility: PINGNews cannot be held responsible for your use of an image. Titles and descriptions are meant to help expedite your research and help you use the images properly. But your use of this site means that you accept responsibility for using these images properly and absolve pingnews from any potential claims that might arise as a result of your usage. Note: If it is found that the resources are being misused by a specific user, that user may be denied access to the materials.


Should I Attribute to PINGNews? FOR IMAGES FROM PUBLIC DOMAIN/GOVERNMENT COLLECTIONS, PINGNEWS SHOULD NOT BE ATTRIBUTED/CREDITED. You may say that the image was found through pingnews. That is appreciated. But we do not want there to be any doubts about the original source or photographer. The original source is identified in each record. WHEN AN IMAGE IS CREATED FOR/BY PINGNEWS attribution and share-alike licensing rules apply but no other restrictions are placed on your usage.


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Thank you, pingnews, not only for making these images available, but for including so much information with them. This photostream is an invaluable resource for important images. Keep them coming!

February 24, 2008
Jimmie says:

Thanks, Pingnews, for offering fantastic public domain images for my educational projects! I appreciate that each photo has detailed information about the subject and where it was taken.

January 16, 2008
heavenly statement (deleted)

Definately the place to come, to understand America..... Thanks for bringing the historic pictures under one simple window.... It definately make things easier for students and researchers....

November 18, 2007

Through your photos,I konw history better,:)

May 11, 2007