175/365: Take a light, take a ride by by Janine


Hi. I'm Janine. Previously of the Philippines, currently living in Florida. No idea for how long.


I used to blog alot, but flickr is taking up most of my time now. Along with work and the boyfie (not necessarily in that order).


I ♥ shots with pretty muted colors, bokeh, bright colors, pink, books, Alice (of Wonderland), sleeping on the beach, sleeping on rainy days, sleeping with a specific somoene, sunny days, back massage, lazy days, channel surfing (cos my attention span doesn't last through one whole movie), and my dogs (who I left behind down south).


I take pictures for fun.


For those who wish to add me as a contact, I only add people who have pictures to share to the public. If you are only looking, then I'm sorry, but I wouldn't add you as a contact or friend. No porn shots too.

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