About me:


I'm a geek, a cancer survivor, and an amateur photographer who shoots photos for fun. Some of my photos are intended to be artistic or playful, though more of them are oriented toward documenting a moment, an idea, or something that tickles my fancy.


About photo manipulation:


I often make minor adjustments in Photoshop 7 or Picasa 2 before posting photos: adjusting contrast, cropping, tweaks to color balance, bit of dodge/burn etc.


Photos in which the actual content has been changed (major elements added to or removed from the shot, extreme adjustments and the like) will be tagged as "photoshop". If I've forgotten to tag one, it is a lapse of memory, not an intent on my part to fool the viewer.


If you leave a comment on one of my photos that contains an excessive number of award/invite images in one post, or an especially large image, I may opt to remove them. But I appreciate the compliment you intended when you left them.


I'm co-admin of the flickr pool, the Peter Woodward Photo Collective.

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Jen is good people. She has a unique perspective from which she snaps photos (with equipment I envy)...her heart is bigger than the metropolis in which she currently resides and her willingness to share her experiences is priceless to me.

June 8, 2008