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Those that have recognized, requested, selected, and used my work around the web:


Use in Wikimedia commons,,

Hishammuddin Hussein article,

Information about Pomacanthus annularis or Bluering angelfish,

Tappa di decompressione article in Italiano,

Balinese people article


And the last photo there was also selected for the picture of the Week 51of Year 2006 at the Portal Indonesia on Wikipedia


Use of photos for The World and I Online publications, World Gallery country images and multimedia presentations designed to educate students about various cultures through visual presentations:



Short-listed for inclusion in our Schmap Graz Guide:

Schmap - Dynamic Travel Guides main:


Use for information on Malaysia:

German foreign ministry main:


Use for article:

Earthbeat Main:


Contribution to:


Use of photo for Nordic Design Blog:


Please contact me with any questions. Thank you, Aaron

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