Artist, photographer Love to take pictures love to paint.


Thank you for stopping by to view my work. My name is Patty Sue O'Hair-Vicknair = PSOVART I keep my maiden name in my art work signature as a tribute to my late father who was my biggest critic and my biggest fan.


I am an artist that paints or photographs an image that grabs me and begs to be rendered and captured in the medium I feel would best represent the image and get across the emotion I am after.


So that being said you will notice several things about my art 1. I love color. 2. I love color 3. I like things big and bold. 4. I like for things to sparkle. 5. I like people as subject's but only if they are different somehow, like the way they are dressed.


I also dip my toe into the abstract pool and I have my own take on that kind of art.


So be prepared to see a variety of works. I tend to work in three's then change course and revisit the theme at a later time.


As to formal training well I have taken courses through the years but most of my stuff is just my own style. I mostly either paint in acrylic , glitter or watercolor or all of them. I also have a love of playing with my photos to creat digital art.


So thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my work. Please leave me a comment or two.


Education - Art all the way through school.

Classes - Variety over the last 40 years.

I am mostly self taught. If I painted the image it intrigued me somehow and I wanted to paint that image. Most the time I can see the completed image in my head and all I have to do is take my time and make the painting match what’s already completed in my brain.


My father was a big influence on my work he always helped me to work out the proper perspective. My Dad was a photographer who attended an graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography in the 50's. So my painting and taking pictures was nourished by him.


If you're interested in using any of my photos you will need to ask first and give me full credit with a link back to my flickr site.


I am mostly self-taught although I have taken classes when I can, mostly to learn something new and to associate with other artists. Which is one of the reasons I love the internet so much. I can be in my little art room in Arkansas working away and get online to post a photo of my latest work and instantly be in touch with other artists who make suggestions or post comments to make my head large. I try to return the favor and enlarge some heads of my own when I can. (we could all use encouragement)


I enjoy the comments so please tell me what you think.

If you're interested in purchasing anything let me know and I will let you know if it is sold or for sale. Thanks for looking.


***NOTE to anyone who invites me to their groups, I would be happy to share my photos or my art. But, I am horrible about passing out group award/comments. I would be happy to add my photos if you would like them in your group pool. (If I see something amazing I will of course leave a comment wouldn't you?) If you think your group tag should be on my photo - you need to do it, as I am really to busy creating more art. if you would add the ability to just click on the button that says click to add photo to group, that is the easy way and I love it! I hate to be a pain but I am really busy looking at art and creating art. (All though I enjoy being invited to groups.) ***


COMMENTS: I read every comment and appreciate every word. Please leave a comment for me so I can link back to you and check out your work. I love this site! I am making friends everyday.


Prints of most of my work can be bought from this site:



Twitter = @PSOVART

Facebook = @psovart

Facebook fan page PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist


Check out my Blog here www,greatclownportraits.com

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