Licensed civil engineer (Illinois) working for a government agency in Illinois.


Also interested in exploring how people in the government, engineering, and public works fields can make use of online tools and virtual worlds. In order to document the progress in these areas, I published an online journal from 2008 to 2010: Grid Works at, and I've worked with several others to manage online communities and resources focused on Public Works and local government.


My other interest is genealogy so I have started adding some family photos but have set these to private or for viewing only by family.


Many of my public photos are published with a Creative Commons license which means you are free to use them for any noncommercial project or purpose without changing them. Copying and providing them for download on another site would not be allowed. The attribution can be a link to my profile page on Flickr like this:

If you need to use any for a commercial purpose, please contact me.


(None of the comments or opinions or photos I publish represent any of my employers or vendors doing business with them.)


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  • JoinedFebruary 2008
  • Occupationcivil engineer
  • HometownLaSalle, IL
  • Current cityGeneva, IL
  • CountryUSA
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