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I'm fond of the calendar view. I try to upload pictures daily to make the calendar view worth watching. For why there's a large gap, keep reading!


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The Story

1. Once upon a time, in June 2004, I set up a flickr account. I uploaded some of my best shots, joined a lot of groups, and generally had a lot of fun here. Then came "Pro" accounts, and I bought one. I actually uploaded three shots every day, and was quite proud of how my calendar view looked (see above). And then something happened. I'm not quite sure what. I quit uploading so many pictures. The account was almost abandoned, at least for public photos.


2. I barely posted anything for quite a while. I shot various events for friends, but entire months of 2005 went by with no uploads whatsoever.


3. Early in 2006, my wife started a blog, and since she didn't understand the monthly bandwidth limit on free accounts, she quickly burned through her monthly allotment with the multi-megabyte photos a Canon Digital Rebel produces. I suggested she could use my account. After all, I wasn't using it. She used it a lot, and managed to build a popular little blog.


4. Christmas 2006. I've got a new camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I'm taking photos again. I'm wishing I had a place to upload them, but my flickr account is ruined. I could create a new flickr account for myself, but I'd lose all those old archives. I could upgrade my wife to a Pro account, but she's got a ton of photos in my account, and how can she move them all over? No matter. I was here first. So my wife now has her own Flickr Pro account, and I've got mine back.


What this means: I've marked most of my wife's photos, which is most of what's been published here for more a year, as 'private.' Some of them -- mostly pictures of food -- are worth looking at outside the context of her blog, so I've left them as public.


As I update this, I've got 2508 pictures on flickr, but only 775 are "public." I plan to start uploading new pictures. Some pictures that I've taken in the last eighteen months or so, and some new ones to boot. A new camera, after all, demands new photos!


2007 marks my "return" to Flickr. Will anybody notice?

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Abigail says:

He's also my older brother Not old enough to be my dad He pretty much rocks Mad photographer Cutest kids

December 28, 2005
estea b says:

Listen. If you have a question, this guy has an answer. Also, pwinn is a rebel. A Canon EOS Digital Rebel, that is. With a killer macro shot.

January 5, 2005
Jono Winn says:

pwinn is my oldest brother. I really don't know him as well as I might, he's old enough to be my father. I do know that he can take some mean photographs though.

December 18, 2004

They said I should say something about him, so I said "something about him", and they hit me again. I don't get it.

September 19, 2004

I would like to testify that PWinn was NOT in Cambodia.

September 1, 2004