Hi, I'm Ray Sawhill.


Where photography goes, I don't want to be taken as anything other than a gung-ho snapshooter. But I hope you'll get a kick out of some of the snaps displayed here anyway.


I hang out around the arts, culture and media worlds, and I occasionally get up to some creative mischief of my own. My wife is the supertalented writer and performer Polly Frost. Polly and I have collaborated on a number of projects. Give this one a try. It's genius.


Along with some friends, I blog at Uncouth Reflections. (I'm "Paleo Retiree.") As "Michael Blowhard," I used to be one of the proprietors at 2Blowhards. (Check out some of my best postings.) My homepage is here. You can also find me on Facebook and Google+.

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