Been shooting with a Nikon d7000 with a Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 super zoom lens since March 2013. It has been extremely satisfying to be able to point this combination at any subject and quickly secure the shot. I have also been especially pleased with the on camera flash that works so well with this zoom lens. Some would argue that a zoom lens can not give you tack sharp images. So far post processing has brought out all the detail to my satisfaction while reducing the need to carry multiple lenses in the camera bag. I use Darktable as my RAW editor, GIMP for layers and PhotoScape X to enhance PNGs.


The iPhone photography is with an iPhone 7plus and some third-party lenses. Processing with Camera+, Snapseed or a combination of both apps.


I continue to be mostly an amateur photographer, while some of my photos have been published in books and magazines no one is making me rich so I wait to meet a generous patron. I love communicating with talented artists of all types (big soft spot though for photographers and glass artists). Flickr has been a wonderful tool to have contact without lurking in museums and the art gallery.


Have been a photographer since high school in the '60's. Mostly gave up on the hobby when I got married (more important to have the kids find food in the refrigerator instead of film). Digital photography became very attractive to me about 2006 (no film, no chemicals, no slides and prints to store). All the children are on their own so now they are only into the refrigerator on visits.


Got the nerve to share my work publicly in 2010. Was very surprised at the warm reception from other Flickr members. I soak up all the fine work I see and I do make mosaic collections of my favorites to honor the artists I have met some of whom are also friends.


My photos are all copyrighted, please contact me if you wish to use them for any purpose Do not use any without asking first...Thank you for your respect!

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