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I block.....

There is an increasing number of invitations from private groups to post my pictures. I find it rather strange to be invited to post pictures into groups that I am not welcome to participate in as a member. I will therefore block people who send invitations like this.


I really appreciate your comments and the opportunity to comment on your pictures. In order to keep this to members who are genuinely interested in my pictures, I will block everybody who has no recent photostream and/or any profile information.



I'm mother and grandmother, my hobbies are photography, reading, classical music, travel, painting, to do fun things with my grandchildren and much more. On my travels I have visited several countries in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe. My love has India.

With my analogue camera and macro lens I worked until 2002. Videos I created until I'm at the end of 2007switched to digital photography. I know that I still have a lot to learn in the field of digital photography and will be happy to receive comments and tips.

I appreciate it very much when you add me as a contact, but please don’t expect that I‘m doing this straight away because I have already a respected amount of contacts of which I am very proud.


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tdietmut. Get yours at


tdietmut. Get yours at


tdietmut - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

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tdietmut's photosets on Flickriver

tdietmut's Most Interesting Photos on Flickriver


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if you have time and meaning, please view my blogs too, thanks


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Wie in de juiste richting kijkt, ziet de hemel opklaren en de wolken verdwijnen.

Who in the right direction looks, see how the sky brighten up and the clouds disappear.


stel niets uit, want elk moment is weer anders. Dezelfde gelegenheid zal zich niet meer voordoen.

Assume nothing, because every moment is different. The same opportunity will no more exist.


De Boeddhist is niet jaloers op het geluk van de ander. Hij deelt in diens vreugde.

The Buddhist is not jealous of the happiness of the other. He shares in his joy


Verkondig de leer niet door te prediken, maar door naar het voorbeeld te leven.

Declare the learning not to preach, but give the example


Als je niets aan een probleem kunt doen, steek er dan geen energie in, maar laat het gewoon los.

If you can do nothing to a problem, don’t put in energy, but just let it loose


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View my photos at


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Anything and everything is possible.

Please pick up your copy here for display on your profile.




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Creative Commons LicenseOp dit werk is een Creative Commons Licentie van toepassing.

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visited 49 states (21.7%)Create your own visited map of The World or try another Douwe Osinga project</a


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1965 Praha,1968 Germany,1970 Swiss, 1971 UdSSR,

1972,1973, 1974,1975,1976 Germany/Hamburg/

Schleswig-Holstein, 1977 Tunisia, 1978 Norway.

1978 DDR/Döbeln/Dresden, 1979 Germany/DDR,

1980 Madeira, 1981 Germany,1982 Austria,

1983 Danmark,1984 Corsica, 1986 Sweden, 1986 DDR,

1987 Finland, 1989 Germany, 1991 NL/Drenthe,

1992 Thailand and Sri Lanka and South India,

1993 Cyprus.

1994 Crete and Germany and India and Nepal,

1995 Germany and Syria and Jordan,

1996 Germany and Hong Kong and Indonesia,

1997 Hamburg/Berlin and New York,

1998 Spain/Barcelona and Germany and Portugal/Sesimbra and Vietnam,

1999 Germany/Munich and Peru and Costa Rica,

2000 Portugal/Spain/Estremadura,

2000 NL/Island Ameland and South India,

2001 Turkey/Istanbul and India (Ladakh) and Greece/Island sailing and Italy/ Rome and Ecuador and Galapagos Island and Myanmar,

2002 Greece Islands and Laos/Cambodia/Thailand and

Kenya and Mexico/Guatemala/Honduras and South Africa/Lesotho/Swaziland, and at last Thailand,

2003 Gran Canaries and NL/Drenthe and Madagascar

and Egypt incl. Sinai and Mongolia and Curaçao and Turkey, 2004 Portugal/Algarve and Germany/Ostrau and Germany/Medembach and Bolivia/Peru and India an Malaysia incl. Sabah/Sarawak and Germany/Mecklenburg Vorpommern,

2005 NL/Groningen and Greece/Kos and Spain/Tenerife and India, and Egypt,/western oasis,

2006 Germany/Hamburg and Spain/Fuerteventura and Greece/Rhodos and Thailand and Morocco,

2007 Germany/Hamburg and 2x India

2008 Gambia and Hamburg

2009 Hamburg/Schwerin/Sylt and India

2010 hospital and rehabilitation

2011 rehabilitation

2012 Hamburg

2013 Hamburg, Rügen


travels to India:


visited 16 states (45.7%)Create your own visited map of India or determine the next president


Visited India

1992 Sri Lanka & India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala (groepsreis)

1994 Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Nepal, Haryana (groepsreis)

2000 Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka (groepsreis)

2001 Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh (groepsreis)

2004 Tamil Nadu, Kerala (privé reis)

2005 Haryana, Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh (groepsreis)

2007 Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka (Hampi) (privé reis)

2007 West Bengalan, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu (groepsreis)

2009 India = Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa (groepsreis en deels privé reis)


I support the project titled:

"50 million women are missing in India"

please visit the group site


please support our campaing

by sign this


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Dietmut is one of my longest and loyal contacts here on flickr, one i really apreciate,i always love to go trough her work, wich gives a very good impression of daily life and events in the Netherlands and especially in the greater Rotterdam area,. she has a briljant eye for beauty and captures the beauty of things in… Read more

Dietmut is one of my longest and loyal contacts here on flickr, one i really apreciate,i always love to go trough her work, wich gives a very good impression of daily life and events in the Netherlands and especially in the greater Rotterdam area,. she has a briljant eye for beauty and captures the beauty of things in our livinghood we don't see anymore and take for granted , you can also see the respect and love for her enviroment she lives in, i can recomend her stream if you are intrested in genuine live and daily routine's and what people really bothers in the Netherlands, she is also a very creative artist who is an excellent painter of traditional tiles, more then a vist worth, as far as i am concerned they are brilliant, also worth a look is her collection of traditional crafts she collected from around the globe, she is an experienced traveller as well

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September 30, 2009