I'm interested in photography. I love taking pictures. I love looking at pictures. My problem is that I don't know what pictures I want to take.


I think I try to capture too much in my photos and by doing so I loose the value of the image. This is something I want to work on and would appreciate any constructive feedback on offer.


Each photo represents a memory. Sometimes I see more in the image than I would expect another person to see because I took the picture. I know what that picture represents, perhaps I simply know what I failed to capture in that picture...


Each picture reminds me of something. It reminds me of that day, that time, that place or those people.


I don't really like taking 'staged' shots of people as whilst they are memories, they do not represent reality. I want to be able to capture good images before people have managed to compose them-selves - that's not to say I want to capture people at their worst, no, I want to capture them at their most natural. I guess I want to record a real moment in time, in fact the only thing that would detract from the reality of that image is the image itself as clearly I had to stage my-self in-order to capture that moment.

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