Photography is my way to discover the beauty of the world. It is meditation, perception of the moment. I prefer to be alone on photo hunting because this is for me a means to communicate with myself and to immerse in contemplation. Most of the time, I take photos of the things around me, nature, my garden, landscapes. I also like to take photos of things that cannot be identified at first sight but need a closer look and some fantasy. Most of my photos are not manipulated or cropped, except some minor corrections of contrast or colour improvements, so they are nearly coming directly out of my camera.


Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard for me to find this inner calmness for taking good photos. These are those times when I am not posting new photos or do not react on comments. I want to apologize for that. Sometimes my job eats up all my time, me being in stressful projects, and in those times I prefer not to sit in front of my computer during my spare hours but practise my other favourite hobby – Kyudo.


Since I found out how manipulated the Flickr Explore Calender can be I lost my enthusiasm for posting pictures in groups. I only will do so in cases where I think I have a special, interesting or funny photo that I want to share with a group of people. I appreciate getting comments, like everybody and I am no exception, it is good for one’s ego, but I detest all those comments with blinking, twinkling, flickering colourful icons.


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I regard myself as a hobby photographer.. I have some experience with analogous SLR (Canon EOS 500 and Nikon EM) but since I got my Canon D350 photography has got a new dimension for me. I use the following additional equipment:

Canon Zoom 75 - 300 mm

Canon Zoom 28 - 80 mm

Canon EFS 18 - 55 mm

Kenko Extension tubes 36mm, 20 mm, 12 mm

Bilora Tripod 1122

Sigma EF-500 DG Super


I also have a little Nikon Coolpix 4100 which I like to use for kinetic shots.


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