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I put down the musical instruments after a decade playing, and picked up a few cameras instead. Now I've turned my hobbies - graffiti hunting, benching, cooking, traveling - into documentation and preservation for ... some reason or another.


If you're from Colorado and would like some work done (portraits, action shots, social media profile photos,


If you are interested in going out on a photo-walk sometime, shoot me an email. I'm always interested in meeting fellow photographers and wandering around the city.


If you're a local writer and want to collab on a video, mural project or photoshoot, hit me up. Maybe we can do something like this:


My arsenal:




Canon SD900 Powershot 10.2mp

Sony A100K Alpha 10.2mp

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200

GoPro Hero 4 Silver



Sony 18-70mm lens

Quantaray AF LD 70 - 300mm zoom lens with macro settings

Sigma 28-200mm medium zoom lens

Promaster 49mm macro lens

Lensbaby tilt-shift

Panasonic 25-600mm lens




Circular polarizer

Cross filter

8-point rainbow star

3x macro

Red & blue filters for B&W/sunsets


Graffiti Artists! If you see some of your work on here and want a copy, please shoot me an e-mail. The stuff I put online is just a fraction of what I have in my archives, and I might have other photos or maybe some HDR or a panorama of your work.


Groups I Run/Moderate:


Graffiti Detail

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If you have any pictures of graffiti that you have taken in the Denver area, or if you have pictures of Denver artists doing work in another city, please add them to this group:


Denver Graffiti

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Denver Train Art

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Colossus of Roads

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The Solo Artist

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Blue Sky Dichromatic

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Deuce Seven - 27

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Rail Art

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Feel free to join.


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im up in ur flickr, peepin ur shotz.

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  • JoinedFebruary 2006
  • OccupationStarving Artist, Graffiti Archeologist
  • HometownDenCo
  • Current cityDenvah
  • CountryUSA


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seetwist's photostream is a pleasure to browse! keen shots and sharp humor abound!!

January 18, 2007

seetwist is my rail guy in denver. keep the cool freights coming

January 12, 2007