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Artist Statement:

The images I produce are telling a story of our global interconnection. I feel lucky to have grown up in a place where even if I could never travel extensively, I could travel to neighborhoods and learn cultures . Living in Chicago since 1994 has provided a rich experience of more cultures in one place than I ever thought possible. Exposure helps to erase ignorance. Erasing ignorance creates empathy. Empathy creates understanding. Understanding creates peace.



I first began creating art by accident with a children's spiral splatter paint kit. I had found it in a closet while cleaning out an apartment I had just moved into. Before throwing it out I gave it a test however the inks that came with it did not produce the same images as what was on the box cover. I decided to test t-shirt paints I had around from a failed custom t-shirt project and suddenly the images that came dripped 60’s psychedelia the box had suggested was possible. From that point I just began to experiment, study art books and read theory in my free time at night. I became addicted to the random happy accidents that started to happen as I searched new ingredients to add to large scale collages I started to build from the pieces I was creating. I had also started to get into photography to find my own imagery to build into the collages vs relying vintage magazines from the 50’ and 60’s I would comb through thrift stores for.


Overtime I started become known for my photography which had evolved to become documentary including documenting graffiti and street art just art it was taking off globally. In 2005 I moved into the neighborhood of Pilsen in Chicago. I had always admired the murals but started to document the graffiti and meet the writers.


Today I consider myself more an artist and I work where I find inspiration whether that is documentary photography, paintings and collages, or digital designs.


My photography has been used by Northwestern University and Notre Dame and has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Chicago Public Radio, Gapers Block, Washington Post, NASA, and numerous other places. From 1995-1998 his work was shown at IDAO gallery and my work has been purchased for installations and displays in many both public and private collections.

I have created 3 self-published books.


Chicago Paused

Chicago Paused offers a glimpse into everyday Chicago over a 5 year period. Many of the photos were captured during the everyday hustle of city that is always bustling. Its more focused on the neighborhoods than the downtown.


I Find Love Where I Can These Days

This book is the culmination of a journey started 12 years ago after stumbling across a spin art toy while cleaning out a closet (see explosion blotter images). The forthcoming collages are from a series I started 6 years ago, originally created to go with music mixes I made and gave to friends. The point of the series was to experience the feeling of love, by meshing together the images and songs; to pause, soften and make sense, if only for a moment, of these modern, crazy and often confusing times we live in. I focused on fusing my photos, with scans of my paintings, old Russian film posters, designs from Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Aztec, & Mayan cultures and generous doses of our own pop culture. Many Photoshop manipulated hours later, what you get is, hopefully, something to make you smile, laugh and think. Ultimately the goal of this book is to take a glimpse through the eyes of someone attempting to untangle and understand an ever changing and complex world. Like a DJ, this is about finding new meaning in old classics mixed with undiscovered favorites.


I’m Not Saying I’m Just Saying

I have been working on this electronic collage project for the past 6 years and over 11,000 hours. It was originally done to create CD covers to go with music mixes I made for friends. As time went on they developed a life of their own. Each one evolves organically from my own photos taken from Chicago and around the world, extracts from my paintings, found images and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. When done they are meant to capture the complexity of a moment. Like when you see something over and over and you still keep noticing something new.


Unsolicited Praise:

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Everytime I go to Señor Codo's stream, I feel inspired to go out and shoot. I don't know Chris personally but he was instrumental in cultivating my own interest in photographing legit/non-legit street art.

March 18, 2012

Amazing art, great collages, and amazing photographs. Senor Codo does it all !!! Does a great job of photographing streetart aswell! Also goes out of his way to help other artists and for that I have great respect for this luchador mask wearing man. haha

March 27, 2007

All i can say Senor is a Someone that teaches me so much on everything thanx to a true Brother from Omaha.

December 18, 2006
Saro Rock says:

Codo is like an alien owl. He's good at everything and he knows so much. I tip my cap t o thee.

September 24, 2006