Thanks for looking around my part of Flickr. Please read below if you want to use one of my images:


Most of my images are licensed under Creative Commons, which means you can freely use the images for non-commercial applications. You are however not entitled to make any changes or derivations of these photos. Always give full credit and link back to the flickr page. Although free to use, I appreciate it if you send me a message explaining your use for the particular image anywhoo.


Please do not upload my photos to sites like facebook, pinterest, instagram or g+, instead you should link my flickr page.


I've decided to change the license for some of my photos to full copyrighted status. However, if you feel that your use of such an image would fall under a valid Creative Commons criteria (non-commercial, non-profit) please send me a message about where and how you would use it, and I most probably would grant you a single use license for it.


If you are interested in a high resolution print of one of my photos, that can be arranged. Send me a message for details.


Under no circumstance use my photos for commercial stuff without permission. If you get paid, so should I. Camera stuff cost money. Respect the copyright


For redistribution of licensed images, the following must be included:

- Title of the Image

- My full name: Sigurd Rage

- A link back to the original photo page


Any use on flickr groups and galleries is ok.


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Ordinary Religion (deleted)

Sigurd has a great eye for urbanism and nature. Sigurd captures to a very high standard.

September 13, 2009

HDR hero! \O/

March 27, 2009