►Political junkie

►I'm a watcher of avi's.

►i am constantly laughing at myself because no one else does <lolol

►I appreciate all the hard work and effort builders and designers put into their creations.

►A naughty girl who loves to take erotic pictures.

►I love RLV sims....seeing what surprises are around the next corner turns me on. If you see me at one - don't ask, just take what you want ;)

►Being controlled also turns me on ;)

►I love intellectually strong men. The kind that don't have anything to prove. They know and embrace who they are - the kind that love a sassy, spitfire brat.

►On that note, i'm completely content with my choices and lifestyle. As much as i value people's opinions, i like who i am - completely comfortable in my own skin.

►Grammar and punctuation matter. If i use lower case, there's a reason why :)

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  • JoinedJanuary 2018
  • OccupationOwner of Shaka Brah Ltd
  • Hometownhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shaka%20Brah/126/126/3183
  • Current cityRunning Naked in
  • CountrySecond Life
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