Often when I browse the internet I find it interesting know who’s behind the blog or the web page that I’m reading. I don’t know how often I use it, but when I do find it interesting, it really bothers me if there is no info to find! So here I sat down and thought: This is the time when I represent my self…

And then nothing happend. I think we have all had that feeling when we are about to fill in a bio on either twitter, instagram, linkedin or something else.


Normally when I meet people face to face it’s much easier. If we meet at a business conference, I represent my company Kadaver and I introduce my self as the Contact and digital director of an agency working with campaigns and marketing stunts. However when I introduce my self during crossfit training I am Søren, and I have been training here since January 2012.. When I travel and stand with my camera taking photos – I am the photo entusiast who takes shit lots of photos and still need to improve my skills with photoshop or Lightroom… In technical talks on facebook or linkedin I represent the company Returntool who works with loyalty and costumer clubs based on mobile technology. In completely different situations I ‘m the guy that helps my dad to run an NGO called Masanga in Sierra Leone. I help running the voluntary group of young people who wants to help the poor in Sierra Leone. Since we started the work in 2005 we have reestablished an old hospital, made it functional and we treat more than 25.000 patient a year.


Roughly thats what I do… I enjoy every aspects of it. Working with different projects, various people and from time to time difficult situations.

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  • JoinedMarch 2008
  • OccupationContact and Digital Director at Kadaver
  • HometownCopenhagen
  • Current cityCopenhagen
  • CountryDenmark


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