I'm interested in all types of photography. I shoot events for several non-profit groups I'm a member of. I shoot photo essays for several print magazines. And I shoot for hire. If you have a shoot of some kind you'd like me to consider, send me an email and let's talk.


In the last few of years, I've started shooting more photos of models and fashion. If you're a model with an interesting idea for a photo shoot, let me know. I try to do one TFP/TFCD shoot per month. Check out my Model Mayhem profile for more info.


For many years I shot 35mm film on a Canon A1 and later a Canon T90. Today I mostly shoot with a Canon 40D DSLR. I also shoot with my Nexus 4 camera phone for my phone camera stream, sort of a photo blog of life.


I haven't forgotten film, of course. In addition to my Canon T90, I shoot with a variety of vintage film cameras including my favorite, the Italian Bencini Comet S 127. One of my pastimes is renovating vintage cameras and shooting film with them. I've written a short tutorial on how I do this called: Buying, Repairing, and Using Vintage Cameras. I've also experimented with expired films, found films, cross processing, and other weird photo stuff.


I'm a founding member and frequent contributor to Camera-Wiki.org, a free online encyclopedia that is attempting to document all cameras and lenses, with a focus on vintage gear. I've become quite obsessed with the history of Vivitar and spend a lot of time collecting and using very old Vivitar lenses, particularly, the M42, T/T2, T-4, and TX mount Vivitar lenses. You can find the result of my work on the Camera-Wiki.org Vivitar page.


A note about the license used on these photos: I've selected the CC Attribution Share-alike license for most of my photos. This means anyone is free to use them for any purpose provided any derived works are also under the CC Attribution Share-alike license. Please be aware however that these photos were taken for personal or photo-journalistic purposes and there are no releases for commercial use of images of individuals or buildings. The CC license only applies to those elements for which I hold copyright.


Some of my photo sets that were taken for commercial clients are set to "All Rights Reserved" and are included here for viewing to serve as examples of my commercial work.


If you're unsure of how copyright law affects your use of photography, consult a lawyer experienced in copyright issues. If you're interested in getting some other type of license for using one of my photos, please contact me for more information.


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