Hey there. I've been telling stories in the comic book medium for the past twelve years and have illustrated a range of genres, from the spy series Queen & Country to the punk rock comedy Pounded; from the teen drama Emiko Superstar to the supernatural thriller Ghost Projekt. Other titles I've illustrated include The Escapists, Degrassi, Tales of the TMNT, Mek, One Bad Day and Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist.


My comic book work has earned an Eisner Award and Cybils Award, as well as a couple Shuster Award nominations. Beyond comics, I've provided illustrations for educational children's books and character designs for both tv animation and video game projects.


I live in Vancouver, where I continue to draw comics and teach others the art of sequential storytelling at the VanArts school.



I'm currently pencilling an arc of the forthcoming First Comics series Public Relations, written by Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus.



A handful of his images are available as prints in my Etsy Shop.

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  • JoinedJuly 2004
  • Occupationcomic book artist
  • Current cityVancouver
  • CountryCanada
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